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Capricorn is a leading South African company in automatic machining for mass production.
Capricorn was founded in 1980 and is privately owned.

Capricorn is located in Sebenza Edenvale and spreads over 1800 sqaure metres. We operate a total of 120 machines, 70 of which are Swiss type auto cams, both Tornos and Index machines. With a range of 1mm to 55mm capacity.

Our experience over two decades has acquired us the skills and know how in technology and competent human resources thus we are able to provide our customers with the advantages of automatic machining.

Capricorn’s second operations department consists of drilling, threading, milling and slotting machines.

Capricorn is known as a supplier that is always ready to help and we are happy to provide our customers with technical solutions through their designing and manufacturing phases.

Quality is very important at Capricorn. Our manufacturing processes are fully ISO 9001 certified and our staff strictly complies with standard requirements, all by which striving to improve process control for the purpose of achieving a high quality final product

Our customers span all different industry sectors; consumer goods, electrical, plastic injection moulding, electronics, medical, sheet metal, high tech, armaments, motor industry, gas and mining.